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Optic LED

Optic LED Optic 150 VEG Dimmable LED Grow Light 150w 5000K

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Are you looking for maximum performance and production in VEG? 

Optic 150 VEG delivers! Expect vigorous vegetative growth and branching as this light will help you develop more flower sites, thicker stems, bushier plants, and fuller canopies so you can set yourself up for bigger yields during harvest. This light will shave days off of your total veg time. 

The commercial-grade Optic 150 VEG is one of the most efficient VEG Lights on the market, utilizing Samsung LM301B LEDs integrated with CREE COBs

The CREE Xlamp CXB2540 COBs help increase canopy penetration and are enhanced with 120° lenses. 240 Samsung LM301B are arranged for maximum spread to deliver uniform coverage across your canopy.

The Optic 150 VEG delivers maximum cooling with over 150 watts of power on an overbuilt aluminum heatsink. The lights will emit less heat, shine brighter and last longer.

The fixture is powered by Mean Well dimmable drivers and backed, top-to-bottom, with a 10-year warranty. 

Vertical farmers looking to maximize production in their grow area would benefit from the form factor and light intensity of this fixture.






PPFD @12" in a 2' x 4' area: 443 umol/m2/s

PPFD @15" in a 2' x 4' area: 384 umol/m2/s





Max power: 150 watts

HID equivalent: 300-watt Metal halide or T-5 lighting system


  • 240 x Samsung LM301B LEDs (5000K cool white)
    • Samsung LEDs driven at 100 watts combined total (2.4 LEDs per watt)
  • 2 x 80-watt CREE XLAMP CXB 2540 COB LEDs  
    • 4 CREE COBs Driven at 50 watts combined total

Optics: 120° lenses

Drivers: Two Mean Well HLG Series 150 watt dimmable drivers

    Spectrum: Full-spectrum white light (5000K)

    Average PPFD:

    • At 12" in a 2' x 4' area: 443
    • At 15" in a 2' x 4' area: 384

     Recommended Coverage area: 4' x 4' area

    Recommended hanging height:
      • Veg: 18"
      • Seedlings: 18" (Dim to 25%-50%)

      Dimmers: Two independent dimmers 

      Dimmability: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

      Recommended dimmer settings for maximum efficiency:

      • 25%: New seedlings & freshly rooted clones
      • 50%: Veg weeks 1-2 (small plants)
      • 75%: Veg weeks 3-4 (medium pllants)
      • 100%: Veg weeks 5+ (mature & developed plants)

      Thermal management: Passively cooled; overbuilt aluminum fin heat-sinks

      Dimensions: 36" x 9" x 1.25"

      PPF / Watt: : 2.4 umol/j

      Yield/production: Veg times up to 40% faster

      Input Voltage: AC 100-265V

      Input Current: 1.25A @ 120V; 0.62A @240V

      Weight: 14 lbs

      Shipping Weight: 18 lbs

      Product includes: 

      • 1 x LED Fixture
      • 1 x 120v power cord (fixture works on 240v, only the plug type needs to be changed)
      • Dimmable power module with driver inside
      • 2 tope ratchets
      • 4 hanging clips

      Recommended for:

      • Grow tents (2x4) (3x5) (4x8) (8x8)
      • Grow rooms all sizes
      • Seedlings through veg
      • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

      Optic LED Warranty: 10 years

      Packaging: Discrete shipping in plain brown box



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