Iluminar HASH Two Channel Lighting Controller


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Complete Environmental control with the Iluminar HASH Controller

Securely control your grow room from your smartphone using the new HASH Controller. The HASH Controller allows you to monitor and view in real-time the VPD, temperature, CO2, PAR, humidity, and more throughout the growth cycle. Retrieve that information at the touch of a button from your smartphone or device. Control LED, CMH, HPS, MH, and T5s.

Iluminar Hash Controller Instructions 

Iluminar Hash Controller Spec Sheet

Real Time Data

Real-time Data and logging of your environment are available to you on your computer or phone. PAR, Temperature, Humidity, CO2 are available in one unit. Can link to an unlimited number of Environmental Sensors in a greenhouse or indoor facility to analyze and dial in your growing space.

Features of the HASH Lighting Controller

  • Control light intensity from 0-100% for hundreds of light fixtures per zone.
  • Onboard relays give the ability to control external contactors for cutting power to light fixtures.
  • Using the Iluminar mobile app or online dashboard, you can create rule triggers, schedules, timers, remote control, and access data analytics.
  • The Iluminar Lighting Controller can accept remote firmware updates for a continuously improving system
  • Your configured system will continue to run even if you lose network or internet connectivity.
  • Onboard battery backup allows the system to maintain time synchronization during power and internet glitches.
  • Reliable and robust onboard power that consists of input power filtering and protection against voltage spikes, EMI/EMF, and building power glitches.
  • Rugged Design allows for years of use without calibration
  • Quickly add a sensor to the ILUMINAR HASH system in seconds
  • Maintenance-free
  • 2 Onboard 0-48V relays

HASH Environment Sensor & Power Relay Cable

When using the HASH Controller alongside the ILUMINAR Environment Sensor , you can...

  • Control with a mobile app: HUMIDITY・HVAC・VPD・PAR・CO2・LIGHTING・TEMP
  • Link to an unlimited amount of Environmental Sensors
  • Easy to Use: Add a new sensor in seconds
  • Backed by the Iluminar 1 year warranty
  • Conrol HPS, MH, CMH, T5, & LED fixtures all on one channel
  • Analyze & view real-time data logging information right on your phone
  • Data secured by military-grade web protocols with high security encryption
  • Contol an unlimted amount of rooms from one application
  • Communicates directly with the industry's most popular brands
HASH Controller with Environmental Sensor

Environmental Sensor

  • Controlled by smartphone
  • No PC Required
  • Temperature, humidity, vapor pressure, CO2 and light sensors
  • Control temp & humidity independently or synchronized.
  • Monitor or modify from anywhere in the world
  • ARM Cortex M3 Micro Controller

Power Relay Cable

  • Wirelessly turn a device on or off with the ILUMINAR HASH Controller.
  • Use the ILUMINAR mobile app to create:
    • rule triggers
    • schedules
    • timers
  • Remotely control and access data analytics

Superior Control & Convenience

The HASH Controller allows you to record and view in real-time the VPD, temperature, CO2, PAR, humidity and more throughout the growth cycle. Retrieve that information at the touch of a button from your smartphone or device. Easily change, track and record data from an unlimited number of environmental sensors in your greenhouse or indoor facility to analyze and dial in your growing space to get maximum yields.

HASH Controller APP

Through the state-of-the-art HASH controller and Environmental Sensor, you’ll have complete access to control and view multiple environmental sensors right from your smartphone or device.* Easily change, track and record data from an unlimited number of environmental sensors in your facility to analyze and dial in your garden for maximum yield.

This minute-to-minute data logging gives professional, commercial horticulturalists total operational control of their facility - large or small.

Technical Specifications for the HASH Lighting Controller

  • Compatible with: LED, HPS, CMH, MH & T5*
  • # of Zones / Rooms: 2 zones (unlimited with additional secondary HASH Controllers)
  • # of Sensors: 6 per controller
  • # of Light Fixtures: UNLIMITED*
  • Operating Temperature: 140° F / 50° C
  • Dimming Protocols: 0-10, 1-10, 0-11.5, 5-10V
  • Power Input: 12V DC, 1.0 Amp minimum
  • External Dim Inputs: 0 to 10V DC
  • Temperature Inputs: PT1000 probe. No Polarity
  • Dim LED Output: 0 to 10V DC. Current / Sourcing Max 300 mA per zone
  • Relays: <48V (AC or DC) 10 Amp fuse protected
  • Connectivity: Wifi IEEE 802 11b/g/n
  • CMH / HPS Dim Output: 0 to 11.5V DC. Current

*T5 fixtures require adaptor

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