Dri-Eaz Enviroboss 80 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier


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The EB80 Dehumidifier reduces humidity in enclosed environments by removing water vapor from the air. With proper use, the EB80 can help maintain humidity at optimal ranges throughout the growing and processing stages. Carefully controlling humidity can increase yields and reduce the risk of mold or powdery mildew that can reduce profits.

ALL ENVIROBOSS DEHUMIDIFIERS include onboard digital humidistats, automatic pump-outs, and automatic restart after power outages.

With EnviroBoss dehumidifiers, view inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity readings, plus set an RH% target. The dehumidifiers’ automatic restart after power outages provides peace of mind. Built-in automatic pump-outs make it convenient to collect water for reuse and units are easy to maintain, reducing downtime for servicing. Rotomolded housings are covered by a lifetime limited warranty, and refrigeration systems are warranted for six years.

The Dri-Eaz Enviroboss EB80 Commercial Dehumidifier is a commercial dehumidifier capable of removing up to 10 gallons per day. It is ideal for smaller rooms.

Why does controlling humidity and airflow matter?

Controlling humidity helps ensure healthy plants. When there’s too much or too little water in the air at different growth stages, it impacts growth progress and nutrient intake. For example, too much humidity or even moisture directly on leaves can cause white powdery mildew or rot/mold and too little humidity can cause problems such as a nutrient burn. Airflow helps aid evaporation, adds cooling when needed and promotes circulation.

What do EnviroBoss dehumidifiers deliver that others don’t?

Information you need to optimize grow environment humidity - inlet and outlet temperature, Relative Humidity readings and built-in digital humidistats for setting a target RH%. No other dehumidifier offers this level of onboard intelligence!

What else makes EnviroBoss the right choice?

Limited lifetime warranties on housings and 6 years on the refrigeration system give you assurance of high reliability and durability. Designed and built-in Washington State by dehumidifier and air mover manufacturing experts with service centers throughout the U.S. and USA. You can depend on EnviroBoss products.

The right EnviroBoss dehumidifier for you:
  • The EB60 is 62 pints or 8 gallons at 80/60 and 115 pints or 14 gallons at saturation.
  • The EB80 is 80 pints or 10 gallons at 80/60 and 134 pints or 16 gallons at saturation.
  • The EB100 is 100 pints or 12 gallons at 80/60 and 204 pints or 25 gallons at saturation.
  • The EB130 is 130 pints or 16 gallons at 80/60 and 230 pints or 28 gallons at saturation.



Weight (lbs) 65
Warranty 6 years on the sealed refrigeration system and 1 year for parts and labor
Dimensions 21.5" × 17.6" × 12.5"
Voltage 115v
Amps 115V = 6.2A



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