Growbuds Complete 2' x 4' Grow Setup

2020 Update
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Growbuds's all-in-one, turn-key 2' x 4' grow tent setup is specifically made for growing high-quality herb. This setup is professionally designed, using only the best components from the industry's most respected brands. And backed by lifetime grow support.

With this complete 2' x 4' grow setup, you'll be able to grow 4 small plant at a time, and harvest between 200 - 800 grams of dried herb per grow cycle depending on your chosen grow light and your indoor growing skills.


Spider Farmer SF2000: This light is the perfect sweet spot if you are looking for an affordable yet state of the art LED fixture.

  • 202W power draw
  • 2.7 umol/j efficacy
  • 527 umol/s total light output
  • 2'x4' coverage area
  • Full Spectrum 3000K, 5000K, 660-665nm, 760nm
  • Onboard dimming function
  • Passively cooled Design
  • 3 Year warranty 
  • 4.6 Kg


    Spider Farmer: This entry-level tent is a durable option for growers on a budget .


    Gorilla Grow Tent: Gorilla has been considered one of the most reputable grow tent on the market. The quality, effectiveness and sturdy design will provide an optimal environment for years to come.

    Soil: This is the most natural way to grow a plant and fairly simple to manage, we include the Foxfarm soil and organic nutrients to ensure you keep an optimal microbial life in you soil which will in return feed your plant just like in natural conditions.


    - No need to monitor pH

    - Easy to use for beginners


    - Pest management can easily become an issue

    - Growth is generally slower than Coco or DWC

     Autopot + Coco: This option is probably the most automated and forgiving way to go. The Coconut husk medium come free of pest and is a great in-between organic soil and DWC as it is considered hydroponic but has also a lot of similarities with soil.

    Along with the Coco medium and the REMO nutrients, this option comes with an Autopot system which is an awesome way to automatically water your plants using gravity. You only need to fill the reservoir with nutrients and can let it run for up to a week without having to touch anything.


    - Easy to use and very forgiving

    - Faster growth than soil

    - Automated watering



    - Slower growth than DWC

    - Not as natural as soil but still very clean

     Every setup comes with everything you need to start growing right away!

    - Lights (See options)

    - Tent (See options)

    - Grow medium and nutrients (See options)

    - 4" ventilation system from AC Infinity which includes ducting, inline fan and carbon filter.

    - Clip fan to keep optimal air movement inside the tent.

    - Thermo-Hygrometer to monitor temperatures and humidity levels in the tent.

    - Power bar with timer to connect everything and control light schedule.

    - Rope ratchet to hang lights and adjust height.



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