Airganics Airnugz 2200

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Airganics Airnugz 2200

Airganics is one of the industries leading air purification and odor neutralization companies. Airganics is known for its powerful filtration solutions for greenhouse odor control.

AIRNUGZ 2200 is designed for larger spaces where maximum air flow is required. The horizontal and stackable design, combined with a 2hp motor, make the AIRNUGZ 2200 ideal for greenhouse with critical air filtration needs.

Each model is equipped with an hour meter and pressure indicator. We recommend that DUAC filters are replaced every 4-6 months. The time may vary depending on the humidity and amount of debris in the air.

Airnugz 1200 Specs

  • 115V 60hz
  • DUAC Filter
  • Carbon Filter and Prefilter
  • Two speed air volume 1000 CFM and 2200 CFM
  • No installation necessary
  • Turnkey system, plug and filter


The AirNugz 2200 is the most powerful yet portable filtration system engineered for critical air filtration and odor neutralization. By combining true DUAC filtration (Dual Activation) with our “Duac-Pure” three stage odor controlling filter, the Airganics AirNugz is the most efficient filtration system in its class.


The AirNugz 2200 is used in a variety of applications ranging from odor and fume removal, air purifying, food processing, laboratory cross contamination prevention and containment of airborne pathogen for medical and hospital uses.

Virtually indestructible: The heavy duty roto molded box is leak proof and virtually indestructible.

Standard filters:

  • 24” x 24” x 12” Fill-Pure DUAC Honeycomb Filter (45 lbs of Dual Activated Media)
  • 24” x 24” x 1” Fill-Pure Tri-Tek PreFilter
  • 24” x 24” x 1/2” Fill-Pure MERV Filter

Powerful for High Volume: 

The AirNugz 2200 is a true 2200 CFM with all filters in place. Its powerful 2 hp motor delivers a high volume air filtration for the larger spaces and greenhouses. The AirNugz 2200 is bigger and better

Utilizes standard “Lay flat” or flex ducting:

12” intake to 12” exhaust vacuum ports allows for maximum airflow with little restriction. Ducting can be used to exhaust filtered air outside or to bring in fresh air from outside.


• Horizontal design with 4” casters for easy transport
and placement
• Integrated molded carrying handles for easy lifting
• Caster nest for stackability when high air filtration
volume required
• Extended filter life with super loaded DUAC filter
made of 45 lbs of dual activated media
• Two speed air volume 1000 CFM and 2200 CFM
• Easy filter change with guillotine door and brackets
• Large 12” ducting intake door when required
• Dent proof and light weight


• No installation necessary. Turnkey system. Plug and filter!
• Removes any organically generated odor via the DUAC Honeycomb Filter
• Exhaust clean odorless air after filtration
• Increase airflow in greenhouses
• Renew fresh clean air supply
• Portable and easily movable and transportable
• 2 speed switch permits user to adjust the air exchange rate
• Prevents cross contamination by odor
• Restore outside air quality inside any close space
• Air purification for food processing facilities grow area and laboratories



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