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Our Oil King Reclamation and Oil Concentration Vacuum Still will process the oil laden ethanol from up to 24 lbs of plant material in 10 hours. The steep conical bottom of the still allows the oil to flow more freely into the receiving vessel than other designs, thus allowing for a more complete ethanol reclamation and for lower concentration of ethanol in the oil by the end of the run. If winterized oil laden ethanol is used, a high quality light colored oil can be produced, which only needs a little more processing in a vacuum oven to be ready for use in vape pens etc. A 50 gallon hot water heater is all that is needed for a heat source. This system is much safer than extraction methods that use propane and butane. The costs for ethanol systems are a great deal lower than CO2 systems. Stainless is inert and costs a great deal less than lab glass and is much more durable. The Oil King systems are capable of processing large amounts of oil laden ethanol in a short period of time. These systems will typically pay for themselves within the first few days of use. Please see the list of features below. 

·         8 Gallon/8 Pound Operating Capacity

·         8 gallon jacketed distilling vessel

·         8 gallon double jacketed receiving vessel 

·         8 gallon double jacketed wash vessel

·         Heavy duty 3 mm thickness on the walls of the vacuum stills inner pot

·         Heating jacket for the vacuum still pot

·         Insulation jacket for the vacuum still pot

·         Heavy duty removable lid for the still pot and the ethanol receiving vessel

·         braided Teflon lined stainless steel hoses

·         3" distilling column

·         3" x 24" tube and shell condenser with structured stainless baffles

·         G70C Flojet Ethanol Pump

·         Basket

·         2 knockouts - 1 for the cold trap and 1 for the ethanol receiving vessel

·         oil receiving vessel

·         Reclaimed ethanol receiving vessel

·         pressure relief valve

·         pressure gauge

·         cold trap

·         Mastercool 7.5 CFM Vacuum Pump

·        Non-jacketed oil receiving vessel



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