23 Best Gifts For Indoor Growers This Holiday Season

As the holiday season is fast approaching you might be wondering what gift you could buy for your friend, brother, spouse who enjoys growing his own weed. Finding something they will enjoy can be overwhelming especially for a complex hobby like this one.

Don’t worry we’ve made a list of the most recent tech and must-have items that are sure to please any grower! Check out below our list of best gifts for cannabis growers this holiday season!

10 best gifts for indoor growers list

1. Clip fan

The Growbuds 6-inch Oscillating Clip fan is the perfect solution for ventilating your small indoor grow spaces. They are made to fit on every pole - no matter the width of the pole.

Growbuds Clip On fan

This fan has triple 6.3-inch spiral fan blades which are angled to efficiently deliver airflow to your plants. It boasts a 2-speed setting, with a 180° rotation capability, all the while spending very little power and keeping a very low sound profile.

Price: $34.99 USD

2. Cannabrush

This is a perfect gift for those who love trimming plants. It can be one of the most boring and deflating parts of the whole growing process - but it doesn’t have to!


The CannaBrush has three rows of silicone paddles specifically designed for removing foliage with minimal impact on the buds. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor grown flowers.

How to use the Cannabrush? Grab a stalk of well dried flowers and brush from top to bottom, and you’ll get all those crispy little leaves off the stalk.

Price: $49.95 USD

3. Trim Bin

While we’re on the topic of trimming - here’s another nifty tool that you can’t go wrong with. The Trim Bin by Harvest More is used for separating resin from the trim.

trim bin

One of the biggest mistakes many growers make is tossing away their trim before properly shaking it up to get every last speck of pollen. Well, with the Trim Bin you can throw your foliage in the bin, and collect all the resin in the bottom collection bin using the polen brush which comes along with the bin.

Price: $59 USD

4. Pruners

Two pairs of stainless steel pruners for less than FIVE BUCKS - do we need to say anything else?

growbuds steel prunners

Price: $4.99 USD

5. Nute Needle

Nute Needle is a big, two part syringe which comes with two additional needles - 8’’ and 14’’ in length. It is used for measuring and pouring amounts of up to 100ml or ~3.5 liquid oz of liquid fertilizers and nutrients.

Nute needle

Seeing how many indoor growers are commonly growing in hydroponic systems, Nute Needle is a perfect gift since hydroponic systems usually use liquid fertilizers to feed their plants and maintain a good pH level.

Price: $35 USD

6. Nute Meter

Nute Meter is a tool used most often by growers who dabble in hydroponics. The Nute Meter allows its users to precisely measure the pH value, as well as the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water.

These two data points are very important for hydroponic growers, as they play a big role in feeding the plants. Well fed plants are happy plants - and happy plants make growers happy as well!

Price: $59.95 USD

7. PhotonTek X600 PRO LED grow light

PhotonTek Grow lights are some of the finest LED grow lights on the market, and the X600 PRO is probably their best all-around fixture. This grow light is the equivalent of the PS5 in the LED industry.

X 600w PRO

If you plan on really surprising your loved one - you can’t go wrong with the X600, because every grower would love to have this LED in their setup. It is perfectly suited for 4’ x 4’ grow tents, uses less power than most other LEDs, and is completely maintenance free!

Price: $900.00 USD

8. Nugsmasher Mini

Seeing how rosin has been growing in popularity over the past few years, you probably know a grower who’s been looking to get a rosin press, but never had the time or money to buy one? So - why not do them a favor and buy it for them?

Nugsmasher Mini rosin press

The Nugsmasher Mini is a rosin press designed to be used by both hobbyists and businesses. It works with 3.5 and 7-gram press bags to extract all the goodness from the flowers. It’s very easy to use and maintenance boils down to a switch of pressing bags.

Price: $596 USD

9. 5-gallon Fabric Pots

Fabric pots are a relatively new trend in the gardening industry. They are being used more and more often as a replacement for plastic and clay pots mostly due to their weight and durability.

growbuds fabric pots

Another important thing to note about these fabric pots is that they do a great job preventing circling root structure. They also drain much better compared to other types of pots, meaning that the roots get better access to nutrients.

Price: $17.99 USD

10. Power si

Power Si is a highly potent proprietary mix containing micro and macronutrients needed for the plants to grow more branches and thicker flowers. This formula has a proven track record of notably increasing yields and optimizing plant health by enabling better absorption of nutrients.

power si

We hate to repeat the “happy plant - happy grower” but there’s really nothing worse than seeing plants underperform, or even worse suffer due to poor feeding. The Power Si is not something that growers use a lot and often, meaning that this gift will definitely last and be used over and over again with satisfying results each time!

Price: $850 USD

Best gifts for indoor growers under $100

If you’re not looking to spend too much money on a gift, there’s still plenty of things you can buy. Here are some of the best gifts for indoor growers under $100!

1. Growbuds drying rack

Every grower knows that one of the most important steps in getting your buds ready for consumption is drying them properly. This can be done in a variety of ways, and most people have DIY drying racks - but having a drying rack specifically designed for drying flowers makes this process so much easier.

growbuds drying rack

The Growbuds drying rack is a 6ft tall collapsible rack that can fit several pounds of fresh bud on each level. It also fits in a small black bag when empty, making it perfect for storage and transportation.

Price: $19.99 USD

2. Germination kit

Germination, starting seeds, popping seeds, there are tons of different ways to say it, but only one right way to do it - and that’s using a proper germination kit. Cannabis seeds can be quite expensive, so you definitely don’t want to risk not germinating each one you plant.

germination kit

The Germination Station comes complete with a 72-cell seedling insert, watertight base tray, 2" vented dome, and a 17W heat mat which helps your seeds germinate faster. Guaranteed to germinate each and every seed in 7-10 days.

Price: $34.95 USD

3. Peg board

A peg leg is a cool Halloween gift if you know someone who’s really into pirate costumes. On the other hand - a peg board is the perfect gift for your friendly neighborhood grower.

peg board

The Nute Tool Board is a universal metal pegboard made for hanging your tool and growing utensils. It’s very well suited for keeping things neat and organized, but you can also hang other stuff on it - like clip fans, thermometers and other stuff usually kept within grow tents.

Price: $59.95 USD

Best gifts for indoor growers under $200

$200 is a decent budget for a gift - let’s check out some of the best gifts for indoor growers under $200 and why exactly you should get one of ‘em!

1. AutoPot watering systems

AutoPot watering systems are a true gamechanger. The AutoPot systems are designed for hydroponic growing, meaning they are used traditionally with coco coir, rockwool, soil, or most often a combination of those 3.

autopot watering systems

These systems distribute water and dissolved nutrients from the main pot to all the connected pots through a series of valves and tubing. The best part about AutoPot systems is they can be scaled up almost endlessly, as some growers have dozens of pots connected into a single running system.

Price: starts at $72.77 USD

2. AC Infinity 4x4 grow tent

If you plan on buying a grow tent as a gift, but you don’t know absolutely anything about grow tents - here are a couple things you want to keep in mind. You want it to be tall, sturdy, with mylar or some other reflective material on the inside.

CloudLab 844

The AC Infinity CloudLab 844 is all of those things - and truth be told, it’s not that expensive compared to its competitors. Sure, you could shell out $300+ for a Gorilla Grow tent, but the benefits of those tents really don’t outweigh the cost here, especially since you’re not buying it for yourself.

Price: $169 USD

3. Pulse

The Pulse One Smart Grow Room Environmental Monitor helps growers keep track of the climate in their grow space. It is most commonly used in grow tents or in grow rooms. This IoT device lets you monitor several data points remotely through a mobile app.

pulse growing tool

It keeps track of temperature, humidity, light, dew point and VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) through internal sensors, as well as keeping track and notifying the user of eventual power outages. This is a great gift for growers who don’t hang around their grow space too much, but rather like to keep things automated.

Price: $199 USD

4. Niwa Grow Hub

The Niwa Grow Hub is another cool piece of tech that allows users to remotely keep track of their plants, but also handle their growing equipment from a distance.

niwa grow hub

Niwa is designed to monitor the grow space, and it allows users to control certain parts of the grow space through a mobile app - parts such as lights, fans and so on. So, in case of a risky situation such as excess of temperature the user will be able to shut down parts of the system or manipulate it otherwise.

Price: $179 USD

5. Rootspa

Rootspa is a hydroponic growing system made from 4 buckets and an air stone (and a few other things of course). Now, you might wonder “why would I get someone a bunch of buckets” but these aren’t just any old buckets - they’re special buckets. Basically magic buckets.

root spa DWC system

This hydroponic system is based on the Deep Water Culture principle which tends to give really good results when growing plants such as cannabis. The water is aerated by the airstone, which also helps to circulate the nutrients to the roots. This is truly a unique growing system, in terms of quality and ease of use - and the low price point is an added benefit.

Price: $124.62 USD

Best gifts for indoor growers under $500

OK - now we’re talking big money. There’s lots of things you can get, but usually the best gifts for indoor growers under $500 have a few things in them - like a combo, bundle, or a set of things.

1. AC Infinity ventilation combo

AC Infinity is by far the best Inline Fan producer in the world. Their fans are powerful, durable and extremely quiet. This ventilation combo comes with a 6-Inch Carbon Filter, Aluminum Ducting, and most importantly - the AC Infinity T6 inline fan.

T6 inline fan bundle

Most growers agree that the T6 is perfectly suited for ventilating 4x4 grow tents - so if you know a grower who’s lacking one this ventilation bundle will definitely make his day.

Price: $226.98 USD

2. SF 1000 Grow kit

If you know someone is interested in growing, but hasn’t started yet - why not give them a little nudge in that direction. The SF1000 grow kit has everything a beginner grower would want.

SF 1000 grow kit

This grow kit includes a Spider Farmer SF100 LED grow light, a 27” X 27” grow tent, a 4” inline duct fan and carbon filter, as well as a bunch of other things included for the grower to easily set up his grow space.

Price: $379.95 USD

3. Spider Farmer SF4000 LED grow light

The Spider Farmer SF 4000 LED grow light is without a doubt the best LED you can get under $500.This LED covers both the veg and the flower phase, so any grower receiving the SF 4000 as a gift will be covered for the entirety of the grow cycle.

SF 400 LED grow light

Another thing to keep in mind is that this LED draws comparably less power than its competitors, which means that you’ll also be doing a hidden favor in the long term to whoever ends up using it!

Price: $489 USD

4. Gorilla grow tent

While we’re on the topic of doing people long term favors, let’s talk about why you should gift someone a Gorilla Grow tent. These tents are widely hailed as the best grow tents currently on the market.

GG 5x5 shorty

Gorilla Grow tents are extremely durable, which is why they are often used by professional growers in the cannabis industry. They have everything a beginner, or an expert might need, including several exhaust ports, extension capability, and large EZ View windows. They even have 2 sets of small grow tents (18 and 24-inch) just for growing clones!

Price: starting at $99.95 USD

5. Hydro-X

The Hydro-X system is a professional-grade single zone environmental controller with a fully customizable modular designed system. This system can control most grow lights brands, inline fans, HVAC systems, air conditioners, automated dehumidifiers and humidifiers, as well as CO2 generators and carbon filters.

TrolMaster Hydro-X

This tool is basically the ultimate grow space remote controller. It is somewhat similar to the Niwa and Pulse systems, but has a lot more features and customizable options, making it the perfect gift for expert growers!

Price: $289.99 USD