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Our commercial gardening aficionados have helped hundreds of commercial growers in the United States and Canada get the right equipment they need at competitive prices, fast. Get in touch with your dedicated Growbuds rep today and learn how we can help make your project a success too.

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23 Best Gifts For Indoor Growers This Black Friday

As the holiday season is fast approaching you might be wondering what gift you could buy for your friend, brother, spouse who enjoys growing his own weed. Finding something they will enjoy can be overwhelming especially for a complex hobby like this one.

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Whether you are a small or large grower, Growbuds is fully dedicated to helping you grow the best greens you have ever seen. We aim at making your gardening life easier by providing the most trusted names in the horticulture industry at reasonable prices while offering fast local shipping on eligible US orders.

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The greatest Black Friday deals in the USA for home and commercial growers, it's here! Shop for our exclusive discounts items from the BIGGEST brands in the horticulture industry. Take advantage of sales on LED grow lights, grow tents setups, trimmers, presses and more by shopping online. And have peace of mind with our pricing policy: we equalize prices within 15 days of your purchase. 

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